Street Artist Tags LA MOCA Bathroom

May 26th, 2011

Street artist Becca Midwood, who was left out of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art’s current “Art in the Streets” exhibition, has responded to the snub in an appropriate fashion — by wheat-pasting an image of one of her signature girls (this one’s bent over a football) in a bathroom stall at the Geffen Contemporary at MoCA.

Museum director Jeffrey Deitch originally asked the artist, known for putting up the girlish images on construction fences and buildings in downtown Los Angeles in the 1990s, to contribute a piece about six weeks before the show’s opening. She says she wrote him back, but Deitch never followed up.

At least Midwood is happy to have made her mark in the end. “I think it’s better to be in the show this way than to just put in a tiny little picture of a lady like they wanted,” she told the Los Angeles Downtown News. “It probably would have ended up over by the bathroom anyway.”

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