Up Close and Personal with Street Artist Becca Midwood

July 17th, 2014



Fragile and vulnerable figures clashing with the roughness of the street surroundings create a different art experience. With influences such as Vuillard and Basquiat, emerging artist Becca Midwood reveals to us her personal gallery.


Q. In few words who is Becca Midwood?

A. I’m pretty fun.


Q. How did you start?

A. I’ve been painting since I was a kid. My mom’s a painter.


Q. How did you go from the streets of VA to Leonardo Di Caprio’s house? Can you connect the dots for us?

A. He saw my work around town and wanted to meet me. My friend and collector Shon Greenblatt set up the meeting, it was very cool. He told me he was a huge fan, I couldn’t believe it. He ultimately bought a painting.


Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?

A. Lately my inspiration comes from deadlines.


Q. Why street art?

A. Street art is good for many things. For one thing, it’s free, fun and can be fascinating. It’s also free advertising. For over 20yrs I have put up original paintings on the street. Many times they would get painted out soon after. Oh well, that’s the nature of street art. Putting paintings out on the street also allows me practice practice practice.


Q. Which one is your favorite piece and why?

A. I have several favorites, if I had to pick it would be Buddha Girl


Q. The children of today are the artists of tomorrow, how do you think these artists will be different if at all? (think new technology, new influences etc)

A. That’s a good question. I’ve noticed that children love to paint. I know my beautiful niece Marjorie wants to paint whenever she is over at my house. I think there should be painting shows on TV like there was when I was growing up. People like to watch gifted artists paint.


Q. What is next for Becca?

A. Hopefully I’ll get my own TV painting show. Until then I’m working on several commissions, including a painting of a wolf for Norman Reedus. Aileen & Balthazar Getty picked up 4 paintings from my show in April. Also, I’ve been working with a couple fashion companies such as Mod Cloth doing their 12th floor DTLA office takeover. I really enjoy that a lot, and hope to do more.


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